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Android Version, Discover your version of an android

Android Version, Discover your version of an android

Android Version , Discover your version of an android, Android Pie, Android 10, Google,Android Version , Discover your version of an android
Android is Google’s illustrious mobile software system. whenever Google updates automaton, it provides every remake a title named when a sweet treat that begins with the letter of the alphabet that follows the last version of the automaton. the most recent version of the automaton is automaton Pie, the version before Pie was the oreo cookie, and also the version which will} follow Pie is a sweet treat starting with an alphabetic character (all guesses on what that alphabetic character may find yourself as square measure welcome within the comments).

Android Pie the ninth version of the Google mobile software system

Discover your version of an android

Android Pie is additionally referred to as automaton nine, and every time the amount goes up, therefore, will the letter, as we’ve to delineate on top of. this is often a touch confusing, however, as P isn’t the ninth letter of the alphabet. Why? within the period of time of Android’s history, Google emotional up a letter for each major update, albeit the update wasn’t large enough to warrant a replacement range. as an example, ِAndroid Lolipop was truly Android version 5

All this suggests if you've got associate automaton phone, you may have one among many alternative versions of Google’s mobile software system. With every version having its own distinctive options, it's worth knowing specifically that version of Android you've got.

This is a way to establish what version you've got
To find out the version of automaton you’re running on your smartphone, you wish to:
Go to the Settings menu on your automaton smartphone.

Scroll all the way down to an all-time low of the page and faucet System. Then hit Advanced, and at last System update.

a way to establish what Version you've got

On the Google Android system support page for checking and change your version it says that if you can’t see “Advanced”, you must click About the phone.

If you’ve followed the directions on top of that apply to your mobile, you must currently see that version of Android you've got.

If you've got another device, you may seemingly have the most recent version of Android put in on your device. Pixels square measure Google’s own handsets, therefore they’ll receive updates as and once Google releases them. These updates typically are available in October every year.
If you don’t have a Google smartphone, you’re at the mercy of your smartphone manufacturer. You’ll receive version updates whenever they get around to taking the Google update and doing no matter they have to try to thereto before they will push it dead set homeowners of their handsets. For additional info, you’ll have to be compelled to contact the corporate that engineered your smartphone and raise them once your update is returning.

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