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Ways to unlock Apple iCloud account and iPhone locked for Apple devices

Ways to unlock Apple iCloud account and iPhone locked for Apple devices 

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unlock iCloud account and iPhone locked 

Official and Unofficial Ways to unlock Apple iCloud account and iPhone locked

iCloud lock and iPhone locked are features designed to protect your phone from being stolen, being erased, or missing. If it is the first time you get a new Apple phone, register your cell phone with an Apple ID, set Find My device on to make it iCloud locked, your mobile phone would be safer than ever. 

Though every coin has 2 sides, it also can become a serious issue if you purchase a used device that is iCloud locked or forget your password. You might find yourself badly stuck with an iCloud activation screen status. 

In such matters, you need to unlock your locked device. In the following article, we will show you office and unofficial ways on how to unlock the iCloud account and iPhone locked phone in the right way, hope it is helpful! 

1- Official Method to unlock iCloud Account Locked: 

There’s a single official method to unblock the iCloud Account and iPhone device locked by the iCloud unblock service. If your ID is locked for security purposes, you might see one of the following texts on the screen: 

  • This Apple iCloud ID has been disabled for security reasons
  • You can’t sign in to your Apple ID, because your iCloud account has been disabled
  • This Apple ID account has been locked for security reasons

- Services for iCloud unlock

If you see one of the alert texts, you can go to the official site ( to unblock your iCloud account with your present password or try to reset your password. After several unsuccessful tries to unlock your device's locked account, for instance, your Apple Account ID remains locked and you try once again the next day. 

- iPhone Locked

If the device is locked permanently, the single solution to the issue is to reach out to an official point of Apple company and communicate with technical support staff because it’s they who locked your device and they can unblock the iPhone. Of course, unlocking an Apple iCloud ID or unlocking an Apple iPhone needs several details and information: 

The copy of the device purchased bears the name of the holder and complete info about the Apple phone. You can also contact their support team over the mobile phone, but it is depending on the country you’re in. 

- Apple International Number:

  • 1-800-676-2775

Contact Apple Support From Here.

  • United States

- Education customers
  • Support:
  • Sales:
  • Enterprise:

  • Canada (English)

Egypt :: 08000000888 / Lebanon: 01426801 / Oman: 80077471

Qatar: 00800100356 / UAE: 80004440407 / Kuwait: 22282292

Saudi Arabia: 8008449724

Ask technical support for your language support if you want.

After contacting you will be Asked for more information about your device and your account and then it may take about 5 - 6 days to confirm your request and then may solve the problem if all the information is correct and may also refuse.

You can also request support directly in several ways through Apple's official support site, which you can visit at the link:

- Apple iCloud unlock ID

After assessing the website, choose the appropriate geographical location for you, then pick support for the iCloud ID, then you’ll several options to give support, including mobile phone calling or through the mail. 

Ways to unlock Apple iCloud account and iPhone locked for Apple devices,unlock iphone,icloud,unlock apple iphone,apple icloud,backup iphone,au unlock iphone,sing in to icloud,icloud sign in,forgot apple id,iphone locked,
iCloud Unlock

2- Unofficial Methods to unblock your iCloud ID: 

If you do a small search, you’ll find tons of people talking about the methods to do Apple iCloud ID unlock service or Unlock Apple iCloud account to open a device locked or explain and offer this service in return for charges and a few might fictional prices!!! 

We advise you, please don’t believe everything there’s no website or any person or service will make sure that you open the Apple iCloud ID or open your Apple phone in unknown methods and therefore you’ll lose your money without any guarantee to provide the unlock service or even refund the money. 

But for the comprehensiveness of the issue, we’ll put here a few of the above and some other methods to open Apple iCloud ID and keep in mind we’re not responsible for its experience: 

- Sites that offer an iCloud service

There’re several sites and people who offer iCloud Account unblock service for locked phones and Apple mobile phones locked but are not recommended very often. 
These websites are:
  • Apple iPhone Unlock A well-known site that you provide with your mobile’s IMEI with payment for charges and will respond to you with info on unblocking your Apple phone.

  • IMEI Doctor Another website based in a similar way as the other site and also the same to the same process, might not open Apple ID and lose and the unblock service is unofficial and depending on the website, the number of requests submitted significantly closed very successfully.

- Sites to open a mobile network

There’re websites to unblock the locked device, for instance on a particular cellular network 

  • Direct Unlocksit’s also a well-known website to unlock Apple devices or iPhone locked in several networks around the world

  • IMEI Doctor To unlock an iPhone it supports several mobile networks around the globe.

Samsung Unlocks:

And do not forget the Samsung phone holders also there are sites that support the opening of their locks, the most important site:

- Huawei Unlocks

Also, Huawei phone holders have their own tool to unlock their phones in the event of losing the ability to access them via the following website:

- Unlock Motorola and Sony phone

For owners of Motorola phones and Sony phones, they also have direct support to unlock the lock in the event of losing it or forgetting the access data to their phones through the following website:

- Important Notes

So, which one is the safest method to unlock your Apple iCloud ID on your iPhone? 

You might have purchased a used device from a website or a shady-looking guy. You switch on your Apple device and to your horror what do you find, it has an Apple ID lock on the device. If you’ve purchased a used mobile from a site and its iCloud ID locked, this could mean 2 things, you just purchased a stolen device or the seller forgets to delete his login details. 

If you’ve purchased a device from a forgetful one, contact your seller and ask them to unblock the device for you and provide the login details. Unfortunately, you might run out of luck, and you might have shopped a stolen device. Apple staff will not help you to unlock a reported or stolen Apple device. You can go to the iPhone iCloud unblock services we mention above and try your luck. 

Is an Apple iCloud Account unlocked legally? 

Officially speaking, the single method to unlock Apple ID is to contact the previous holder of the phone. They might or might not assist you and can hold you at ransom to provide you their login details. Though there can be many circumstances where it is impossible to get in contact with the previous holder of the Apple phone or iPad, in which case, you would not be capable to use the traditional method to unblock Apple iCloud Account. 

Under such situations, where the risk renders the costly apple phone useless without the unlock code; your single ray of hope might be 3rd party sites or services that we mentioned in the guide above. 

Finally, we assure you that the primary method to open an Apple iCloud ID, and the shortest and most secure is via the official technical support website.

Here we will mention the most important Apple links again::