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4 Amazing Apps To Manage Social Networks Faster

4 Amazing Apps To Manage Social Networks Faster

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Apps To Manage Social Networks
More and more users use social networks not only to entertain themselves but to buy products and services, which is known as Social Shopping. For this reason, there are very few companies that currently do not have professional profiles on social networks to strengthen their brand or increase their sales.
However, a good social media strategy requires creativity, original content and constant analysis of communities. In short, there is no engagement with the public from one day to another, and for a Social Media strategy to give results, a very valuable asset must be dedicated: time.
Fortunately, there are several social media apps to manage social networks that can help you save time, be more productive and improve the ROI of your marketing efforts.


Hootsuite is one of the most complete social media apps for different reasons. One of them is its powerful control panel that allows you to schedule publications, share photos or videos and establish a calendar that, at a glance, allows you to identify which publications are planned for each day and their theme.
Secondly, with Hootsuite, it is no longer necessary for a Community Manager to enter each social network to answer the audience. The control panel shows all social networks - divided into columns - and from here, it will be very easy to answer, retweet, like or favorite.
Thirdly, it has its own tool to shorten URLs. Economizing messages is crucial, especially in some social networks where characters are limited, such as Twitter.


Buffer can become the perfect tool for those businesses that have only one account for each social network and that mainly seek simplicity when programming content.
With Buffer, you can be reading an article or viewing a photo gallery and directly share each image by clicking on the "Share Image" button. This functionality, for example, is not always possible using Hootsuite; There are times that you must download the image and attach it in the publication manually.
Also, while Hootsuite only shows the number of likes and retweets, Buffer also gives us the number of mentions, clicks, and users to whom your publication has reached, among other data.


One of the tasks of Social Media Marketing in which a lot of time is invested is in the curation of content. But this activity can be simplified when using Feedly. This tool allows us to read the feed of different web pages that we have previously selected. The Feedly application -which has a web version and mobile app- is beneficial if we do not want to enter the pages that interest us most one by one to check if new entries have been published.
In addition, it is possible to configure the notifications so that Feedly notifies us when the websites whose contents interest us have new content. 


Specially designed for tweeters, Audiense, this application (formerly called SocialBro) is one of the most popular social media apps to manage profiles on Twitter. An application that focuses on segmentation solutions, advanced insights and visualization, custom workflows, campaign management and monitoring. As well as for analytics and community management. All in one. 

Share your views on these applications, and if anyone has the experience, we hope to share our experience on this topic.